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Peacetime vs Wartime CEOs

In the world of business, let's be honest: sometimes, things hit the fan. No matter how well you plan or how far you see into the future, you can still be taken by surprise. As any seasoned entrepreneur knows, running a business is as much about navigating these unexpected challenges as it is about setting and pursuing your vision.

In the insightful book, The Hard Thing About Hard Things, there's a compelling analogy about two types of CEOs: Wartime and Peacetime. It's a concept that I resonate with deeply, especially as I reflect on my own leadership journey at Purple Cow Internet.

A Wartime CEO thrives in chaos, quick to dive into the trenches when things get tough. I've always seen a bit of the "wartime" spirit in me. When challenges arise, I'm right there on the frontlines, ensuring that issues are addressed head-on. I stay in the mix, rolling up my sleeves, till we find our way back to calm waters.

But every leader has areas for growth. For me, that's channeling my inner Peacetime CEO. The Peacetime leaders are the visionaries when the waters are calm. They're forward-thinkers, always eyeing the horizon for potential storms. They refine processes, even if they're not broken, anticipating how growth might stretch their systems.

And this is where we've started to see some growing pains. With our recent surge in demand (which we're immensely grateful for), there's been a noticeable shift in our response times. To be frank, we're not meeting the lightning-quick standards we set for ourselves. And while growing pains are a part of any expanding business, it doesn't make them any easier to swallow.

So, what are we doing about it? For starters, we're bolstering our team – hiring and equipping new members to handle the influx of queries and demands. We're also refining our triage processes, prioritizing requests to ensure urgent matters are addressed promptly. Plus, we're diving deeper into our training programs, ensuring every team member is empowered with the knowledge to handle complex issues.

To our dedicated herd members who have experienced longer wait times: we appreciate your patience and continue to work on our mission to bring not only the best customer service but also the most affordable internet to your home.

In business, there's no avoiding the curveballs. But it's how we respond, how we adapt, and how we grow that truly defines our journey. At Purple Cow Internet, we're committed to this journey, and I'm personally invested in ensuring we continue to elevate our game, each day, every day.

Bradley Farquhar