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We made sure all the features you love are included with your home phone without charging you for any addons. All you do is plug your existing handset into the package we mail you and you're done.


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Set up is effortless. We'll port over your existing number and get you set up.

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Free long distance in North America.* No need to worry about getting hit with unexpected long distance charges.

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Automatically blocks robo calls. Our integration identifies and blocks known robocallers and telemarketers, protecting you from fraud, scams, and annoying unsolicited calls.

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Call forwarding if you are away and want to send your calls to another phone.

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Three way calling to connect the whole family.

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Call display so you always know who's calling.

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Home phone price can't be beat!

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One time phone number port or new number charge of $55. Shipping included free.

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This whole list is free and included:
VoicemailA voicemail box was assigned to you with your service. In the Voice Portal, you can upload your voicemail greetings and personal name recordings, view and manage any saved messages, and set up voicemail forwarding to email.
Caller ID The name sent with caller ID, sometimes referred to as CNAM, is a setting on your phone number.
Call HistoryCall History holds the records of all calls made and received on the account.
Do Not Disturb When you don’t want your phone to ring, activate Do Not Disturb to send all incoming calls directly to your voicemail box.
Last Call ReturnThree-way calling lets you bring two parties into the same call so all may participate in the same conversation.
Voicemail Local AccessYour voicemail box can be accessed in the Voice Portal, remotely, or by dialing a star code from a phone connected to the account.
Three-way CallingThree-Way Calling lets you talk with two people in two different locations, at the same time, or talk privately with one party while the other holds.
Call HandlingCall Handling determines how your incoming calls will be routed under different circumstances.
Call ScreeningYou have control to ensure you receive important calls. You can limit the callers that ring your phone, filter callers, or forward important callers to another number.
Anonymous CallersCalls from anonymous callers (those without caller ID) can waste your time and distract you from other calls you want to take. Block them from even ringing your phone.
Custom Callers Use this feature to control who can call your phone and what happens when they do. These settings can be managed in the Voice Portal or by star code.
Robocall BlockingBlock the telephone numbers of known telemarketers and robocallers.
Sim RingEnables a call to ring to multiple lines and/or phone numbers simultaneously.
Call TraceCall Trace allows you to mark a harassing or threatening phone call in your Call History.
Call ForwardingWhen you aren’t available to answer calls on your phone, you can forward your calls somewhere else. Call Forwarding can be set up in the voice portal or by star codes. In the Voice Portal, you can set up a schedule to forward calls during certain hours, like your lunch break.
Remote Access ForwardingWhen you’re away from your phone but still want to receive calls, you don’t need to get back to your phone to set things up. Unconditional call forwarding, or forwarding of all calls, is available remotely using the voicemail system, so it will continue to function even if there is a power outage, internet outage, or device failure.
Call Waiting With Call Waiting, you can see who is calling, even if you’re on another call (as long as caller ID is supported on your phone). If a second call comes in while you’re on a call, you’ll hear the Call Waiting tone. To answer that call, you can choose to place your current call on hold and pick up the incoming call. Additionally, you can temporarily or completely enable or disable Call Waiting from your phone or in the Voice Portal.
Collect Calls Collect calls are currently not offered.
Call anywhere across Canada and the US (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) free of charge. For calling outside of Canada and the US we recommend you use an online service like Whatsapp or Skype to avoid expensive long distance charges. To keep our phone service at the lowest cost to you and to prevent any surprises we do not offer any long distance in our plans.
Yup. We can provide you a new number free of charge.
Yup. You can keep your current phone number and we will take care of porting it over to our service for you.
Normally takes about a week. During this week you will not lose access to your current phone. Once it switches it is automatic and can then plug in your Purple Cow phone box.
What we provide is a box for your handset to plug into. We do not supply the handset however the box will work with all existing phones.
VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses the internet to transmit voice data digitally, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness for voice communication on various devices. It relies on internet connectivity, which may affect call quality. In contrast, Landline uses traditional copper wires for analog voice transmission, providing stable call quality and reliability, even during power outages. Landlines are fixed to specific geographical locations, while VOIP enables communication from any internet-connected place. VOIP typically offers advanced features like video conferencing, while Landlines may have limited features. The choice depends on factors such as cost, mobility, call quality, and the need for additional functionalities.

You can find the full list here: STAR CODES

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