Do I really need a Gig Internet Connection?

Purple Cow Internet - Picking the right plan

Internet service providers are going to try to get you to spend the most money possible by encouraging you to sign up for the highest bandwidth package. At Purple Cow Internet we want to right size your internet package so you save money. First, let's understand what "mbps" means. Mbps stands for megabits per second, and it's a measure of how much data can be sent or received over your internet connection in one second. Now, letโ€™s break down these numbers:

100 Mbps Plan:

The 100 mbps plan is ideal for small families or couples. Believe it or not, this plan can effortlessly support multiple devices streaming HD videos, attending video calls, and gaming simultaneously. This is the plan I personally use at home, even with two of us working remotely. It caters to our needs perfectly, ensuring smooth connectivity without interruptions.

- Ideal for everyday browsing, streaming, and video conferencing.
- Supports multiple devices.
- Cost-effective, offering value for money.

300 Mbps Plan:

Stepping up to the 300 mbps plan, you're looking at a connection that can support more intensive tasks and a higher number of devices. If you have a tech-savvy household with lots of simultaneous downloads, 4K streaming, and online gaming, this might be your best bet.

- Supports ultra-HD streaming and intense online gaming.
- Great for households with numerous devices connected at the same time.
- Provides a buffer for peak usage times.

1 Gig Plan:

The powerhouse of internet plans, 1 gig (or 1000 mbps) is the ultimate internet package. But do you really need it? A 1 gig plan can support many devices engaged in data-heavy tasks like simultaneous 4K streams, extensive online gaming sessions, large downloads, and uploads, and so much more.

- Ultimate speed for tech-heavy households.
- Seamless experience with many devices.
- Ideal for professional tasks like large file uploads and downloads.

Bigger Doesnโ€™t Always Mean Better:

One of the most common misconceptions we encounter is that a higher speed tier always means a faster internet experience. While it's true that a 1 gig plan offers more bandwidth, it doesnโ€™t necessarily mean web pages load ten times faster than on a 100 mbps plan.

Your day-to-day experience is influenced by various factors, including the type of content you're accessing, the servers hosting those websites, and the devices you're using. For everyday tasks like browsing, emails, and even HD streaming, you likely won't notice a significant difference between the three plans.

So, Which Plan is Right for You?

Think about your household's daily internet usage. Are you just checking emails, browsing social media, and streaming shows in the evening? The 100 mbps plan should suffice. Got a house full of gamers, binge-watchers, and online professionals? You might lean towards the 300 mbps or even the 1 gig plan if you foresee heavy-duty usage.

Remember, the goal at Purple Cow Internet isn't to upsell you to the biggest plan but to find the one that fits just right. We pride ourselves on being Canada's top-rated and most affordable provider. Our commitment to you is reliable service, unparalleled customer support, and genuine advice. Choose wisely and, as always, reach out to us if you have any questions. Weโ€™re here to help.

Bradley Farquhar