Service Interruptions

Sep 18th 2023

Herd Update

Good news: the majority of our subscribers have been successfully reconnected. However, we are aware that certain areas remain offline, and we are diligently working to restore service in these areas as quickly as possible.

Important Steps for Users:

  1. Downed Line: If you observe the line connecting to your home is down and you haven't informed us yet, please text us so we can get a tech scheduled to repair this.
  2. Modem Check: If your modem displays no lights, please alert us as this could indicate a power surge that potentially damaged your router.
  3. Connectivity Check: If you notice neighbors have their internet back and your modem displays all 5 lights, try unplugging and replugging your modem. This often resolves connectivity issues.
We understand the importance of consistent internet access, especially in today's digital age. We are committed to restoring all areas promptly. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this period.

Sep 17th 2023

Hurricane Lee Update for the Maritimes

Hurricane Lee has caused several power and internet outages across the Maritimes. Our teams, in collaboration with Nova Scotia Power (NSP), are working around the clock to restore services. For those affected, we appreciate your patience. If you see a downed line that was connecting your home, please don't touch it and instead, text us immediately with details so we can have this addressed.

Your safety is our priority. Thank you.

Sep 15th 2023

With hurricane season here and a storm on its way, we wanted to let you know we will be doing everything we can to keep you online. If you lose your internet, donโ€™t panic, weโ€™ve got your back and will get you up and running again ASAP.

Couple things to note if you do lose your internet from the storm:

  • We have our entire team working this weekend to address any issues that pop up. However, if you lose the internet do not feel like you need to text or call right away to let us know as we can see that you are offline already and will be working our tails off to get you back online.
  • In the event of widespread impacts, we will provide regular updates on our website at and social media platforms to help keep you well-informed.
  • If you lose your power you will also lose your internet.
  • Oftentimes if both power and internet lines are damaged you will have your power restored before your internet as Nova Scotia Power needs to complete their repair work before we can go in and do ours.
  • When power is restored you might need to unplug your equipment, wait a minute, and then plug it back in. If the power is restored and there are no lights lit on your modem, try another outlet and if still no lights come on this could mean your modem was damaged from a power surge.
  • If you see a downed line that connects to your home please text us so we can have this repaired as soon as it's safe.
  • Donโ€™t forget to charge your devices and portable battery packs and check in on vulnerable neighbours.
  • Stay safe and we appreciate you being in the herd.